Ketamine FAQ

Learn more about our Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine is an dissociative anesthetic and pain reliever that is now being used as a remarkable and rapid treatment for mood disorders, PTSD, addiction, and pain conditions.

Everyone’s experience is different. Some may notice a calming, relaxing feeling. Some feel out of touch with their bodies. Some have profound experiences with visuals and changes in their perspectives on life or the issues they are struggling with.

Sleep apnea. Uncontrolled high blood pressure. Seizure disorders. Those who have been diagnosed with thought disorders, schizophrenia, psychosis, sometimes bipolar disorder.

Initial Evaluation – $300
Ketamine Treatment package – $650
This package includes: 1 preparation session, a 2 hour ketamine medication session, and 1 integration session.
Ketamine can be given via sublingual troches in the office or IM (intramuscular injection)
For additional preparation and integration sessions that may be needed, your cost is $150 per session
Additional time spent during Ketamine medication session $150 per hour.
A medical evaluation may be needed for preexisting patients, the cost is $100.
Contact us to schedule an intake.

We believe that you will get the most out of your ketamine journey if you have a therapist to return to after your experience. If you are not yet established our clinicians can bridge the gap and provide resources on how to find a provider.

The session will take 2-3 hours in office.

You cannot drive after the administration session. We ask that a loved one picks you up or that you utilize a rideshare service.

Most insurance providers do not cover Ketamine treatment. Vitellaria does not handle any insurance billing. Fees are paid with cash or card. We can provide you with a superbill.

You can bring any small special items you would like to have near you, pictures, or items of sentimental or spiritual value. Please bring your own eyeshades. A journal is a good thing to bring if you would like someone to take notes or if you would like to write anything down after your journey.

Preparation sessions are meetings you will have with the PMHNP or therapist before the session to talk about any questions or comments you may have, to set intentions and to go over any important logistical information. Integration sessions are meetings with PMHNP or therapist that offer you the opportunity to make meaning from your journey.

Payments/Insurance Questions

We accept cash, check (see returned check fee), and credit cards (3% service fee).

All funds received paid at full cost will contribute 5% to scholarship fund.

Sliding scale fees available; additional paperwork required.

We offer guidance with out-of-network claims processing (EMDR and psilocybin services are typically not covered).

Payment plans are available.

We do offer discounts for package plans.

Receive a 25% discount for medical and mental health clinicians/front line care.

No refunds if psilocybin and/or EMDR treatments canceled within 2 weeks of scheduled treatment dates.

If you miss an appointment (no show) and do not contact the office within 30 days you will be removed from service.

We do not accept insurance. Guidance with out of network claims processing (EMDR and psilocybin services are typically not covered). Sliding scale fees available; additional paperwork required. Payment plans available. Discounts for package plans or bundled services. 25% discount for medical and mental health clinicians/front line workers.